Friday, February 28, 2014

Closing apps completely. What's the difference ?

Are you used to close your apps swiping them from top to botton ? Well, you probably do it all the time, but when you do it quickly, the apps is not totally closed.

In fact, it remains in the memory almost like "sleeping", so it loads much quicker when you click to run it again later.

It's a cool feature to improve performance and works great, BUT....

Sometimes, applications like Windows Store, Skydrive, Bing News and other have a misbehavior for some reason we don't know. 

Example: Windows Store shows there are apps to be updated on its tile on Windows Start, but when you click on it, it shows NO apps to be updated.

Hot to fix it ? Just close Windows Store apps "completely: and runs it again.

How to close an apps completely ?

Swipe it from top to down as you usually do but HOLD it in the bottom for two seconds before you release your finger from the touch screen.

You will see that the apps small windows image twist/turn while you hold your finger on the screen. Now your apps is closed !

You can solve many apps misbehavior closing them totally and re-running it.
You will perceive that running it again after a completely close will take a little bit longer that when you do a quick apps close.


  1. Mm hello I'm a new surface rt user and I am so satisfied on what it can do. But there is a little problem which is bugging me. I lost 2% of my battery surfing on the internet for 10 minutes, I lost 20% of my battery playing a flash game for about half an hour. Is my battery behaving normally?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hey my friend, at this point I suggest you to wait for the new and definitive version of Windows RT 8.1 to come next 18th. Many problems were fixed and new features are comming. Take Care !

  2. Very Useful Blog. Thank you for sharing all the information regarding to the apps closing and Surface RT


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