Well, to differenciate the conventional/common Windows Desktop applications from those developed with Metro UI / Windows 8 UI (interface), people generically call the first ones as "applications" or "desktop applications" and the metro ones as "apps".

So, here you will find link to some posts about specific APPS & APPLICATIONS:

.: Check about the new Windows 8.1 RT Preview apps

Please, send me suggestions of apps / applications you would like to see covered by my posts.


  1. Have you found a way to manage an iPod without iTunes? i'm currently managing the music and podcasts on my iPod Nano (7th generation) using a PC, but I would like to move that function to a Surface RT, if that's possible.
    - Brent

  2. what are the best tablet games for windows RT (free) ?

    1. Hey Pedro, thanks for writing dude, but I confess this only thing I can't tell you much about. I'm not a gaming guy. The only games I like and play sometimes is Pimbal Fx2 and Drift Mania (car racing). Drift Mania is cool because you use your tablet turning it right/left to make your car turn. After some time you learn how to do it smoothly.

      What I know is that Windows RT Tablets are really cool to integrate with Xbox, specially the new one.

      But check some links below:


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