Here are some very objective complaints I have about Surface RT / Windows RT.
Some are very simple OS,  apps or hardware issues and some other are more complex.

The complains list below is in NO specific order.

  1. No GPS
  2. No 3G/4G compatible dongle
  3. Can't add SD Card music, videos and photos to library > solved - check here
  4. OUTLOOK 2013 RT with sync problems - solved - check here
  5. Poor quality cameras on Surface RT
  6. OneNote for Metro UI miss many features
  7. No tethering with "Ad Hoc" networks
  8. Miss some important apps like Instagram, Official Facebook, GMail, WhatsApp
  9. Better quality apps. Many cool apps for Windows RT crashes (Evernote, CLive, Collabor8r, Bing News, eJournal
  10. Windows Store: I miss a button to list all the official Microsoft apps. You can't search by "publisher"
  11. Searching and Bing Search integration - I confess I didn't buy it. It sounded so cool when I first red about it, but I can't agree that within an specific apps, it doesn't search it first, like the Photos Apps.

Please, add your complaints on the comments below.

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  1. I cannot activate my windows 8.1 preview . . any one who have experience about this problem. . please help me. .


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