In order to help you understand if my reviews and opinions have anything to do with your possible experience as a Surface RT user, I need to list some details about my profile as a Surface RT user.

  1. I'm a business person and own a Marketing Online Business in Brazil (;
  2. I have a very strong IT and Marketing background;
  3. I'm using my Surface RT for 7 months on an average of 7-8 hours/day (06/23/2013);
  4. I use my Surface RT for work, personal stuff and entertainment;
  5. My wife also uses my Surface RT and she is a IT professional;
  6. On what is called "Adoption Curve", I'm considered a Innovator, on other words those who first adopt new technologies, concepts, ideas;
  7. I love to download, test and use new apps / applications;
  8. I'm a multitasking guy, doing many things on the computer at the same time;
  9. I desperately need to get my data/information synchonized between my Surface RT, Windows 8 Notebook and my Windows Phone;
  10. I love to connect all my devices in my local network, share data and watch my media from my computers on my TV, so I love to have everything connected;
  11. I'm not a gamer, but like to play Pinball Fx and DriftMania 2 on my Surface RT;
  12. Well, besides all these things, I love photography, travel worldwide, gastronomy/enology and Rock'n'Roll (I'm a guitar player - my band at youtube).

Important: My native language is Portuguese and I live in Brazil, so, I apologize for my eventually English misspellings

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  1. good site and reviews.
    Keep up the reviews and advice.

    ted from USA


Please, this is a free Blog, so you can post your perceptions whatever they are, but do it in a respectful way. Thank you !