Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reindexing your Surface RT content (documents, photos, videos, contacts, emails)

I've mentioned on my review about Windows RT 8.1 Preview about a problem many users (including me) have experimenting with the new Integrated Bing Search Tool.

When you use the Search Charm to search for something, the new Bing Search looks for local files, images, videos, applications and also on the internet showing a very cool information composition with the many results found, including local and web results.

For many users, instead of showing the results, the searching tool keeps searching...searching...and nothing happens. Sometimes it shows an error message saying it was not possible to search..and a Try again link.

A REINDEXING of all your indexes will probably solve the problem, like it did for me, so, check below hot to reindex your stuff.

  1. On Desktop UI/environment, slide the left charm and click on "Control Panel"
  2. Click on "Indexing Options
  3. A window like the one below will open with all the places your Windows are supposed to index. 
    Indexing Options - Control Panel
  4. Click on "Advanced" 
  5. Now, click on "Rebuild" button. It will take a few hours to reindex all your tablet content.
  6. Rebuilding your Indexes
  7. TIP: plug it to the electric power and configure to NOT sleep while connected to the power, otherwise it will take too much time to get the thing done.

PS: If you have a original Windows RT version (and not the RT 8.1 Preview), you can still reindex your tablet content if you have problems searching your stuff.

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  1. Though windows rt devices can join a home group and access files stored withing shared folders and libraries on addded devices within the group, files cannot be shared from the wondows rt device itself.


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