Wednesday, November 20, 2013

VOTE ! SURFACE RT WISH LIST - What would like to see on future updates ?

10 seconds to Vote ! Here is MY wish list for next Surface RT updates and new apps releases
VOTE Pleaseselect up to 3 of your preferred wish features.

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Please, write down on comments, the features or fixes you would like to nee on future updates of Surface RT.


  1. Cisco VPN - without this, it's useless for most business users - Cisco is probably the biggest corporate vpn provider in the world .. anyconnect is available for *everything* else .. not Windows/RT

  2. HERE ARE SOME NEW SUGGESTIONS: please, REPLY if you agree with any:

    1- CISCO VPN
    2- ETHERNET dongle for cable connection

  3. I have two wishes. In the Calendar app, offer the ability to select any minute, not just 5 minute incrementals.

    2) In MS Store, add a search field.

    1. I agree about the Calendar, but didn't understand the MS Store thing... Is it about Windows Store ?? if it is, there's a search there...
      If anybody else got the message about the MS Store, please, let me know what he is talking about.


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