Monday, November 11, 2013

METRO vs DESKTOP. Why it's so hard to adapt ?

A few minutes ago, I've posted a comment on The Verge online magazine ( where readers were discussing about Desktop and the new Windows 8 Metro UI.

I've seen many people criticizing Microsoft because of the new User Interface. People saying they prefer Windows 7 or even Windows XP.

Below is my post I mentioned above:

METRO vs DESKTOP – it’s quite interesting how people react to the new and to innovation. The world press publish every day hundreds of articles giving kudos to Apple for its innovation. But it’s quite easy to innovate on something people don’t depend on, I mean, almost nobody depend on iPad, iPhone particularly…so there is no long past use of it, there are no thousands of legacy applications, there are no past heavy user experience. It’s much…much harder to innovate on something that have decades of serious and heavy business application, with thousands of legacy applications.  That's Windows OS.
For me, Microsoft is taking a huge risk on building a new and innovative user interface. It would be much more safe (in short term) to keep making things the same way. There won't be complaints, but also no innovation and probably Windows would slowly die. People in general are afraid of innovation and don’t want to learn about new way to do things they have done for years.

Metro UI changes way people do things on a PC and I wouldn't expect more good feedbacks than the bad ones. But the new generation will change user's perception...but it will take time.

 I confess I love Metro, I love real innovation that change things we do on a daily-basis.

 I give kudos to Microsoft for its courage on taking this huge risk.

 If I could, I would prefer all applications based on touch/Metro UI.

The fact that Windows 8 brought a huge innovation on UI doesn't means Windows 8 and next version will succeed, only the time will tell.

But the truth is, if Microsoft keeps it's old UI forever, it will be overcome soon by other new and innovative OS, so, in my opinion, it worth the risk.

ps: My native language isn't English, so, sorry for any mistyping and/or misunderstanding

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  1. I absolutely agree that people are afraid of change and prefer to use things the way they have been for a long time. Microsoft made a bold move trying to innovate things, but I hope it does well with their customers.


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