Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ipad vs Surface RT - My iPad lover friends loved my Surface RT

Have you already seat with a iPad lover / user and do some real review on Surface RT ?

Specially considering its use as a business/work, personal productivity and travel tool ?

Well, here are some interesting insights from two friends last week in a coffee house when I spent some time with some friends.

Luiz - about 44 years old - He is a iPad user and loves its tablet - When he saw my Surface RT with Office RT (including outlook), Bing News, Bing Travel with the cool panoramic pics, MindMapping apps, Project Manager apps, Bing Translator with real time sign/image translation, some Notes Taking cool apps, he was clear that his iPad was not that cool for work. He complain about he limitation of the iPad iWork and want to keep data synchronized with his PC. He was amazed with so many apps including Office (contacts, appointments, tasks, emails), tablet personal configuration and all data that can be synched between all my Windows  Notebooks, Tablet, Phone.

Dudu (DooDoo) - about 15 years old - When he saw my Surface RT he immediately said: I prefer the iPad ! But I've asked him: Why ?  He took some time to say...it's cool. I asked again, but in what way it is cooler than Surface RT ?  Well...he answered just based on the "fad" thing...every single teenager loves iPad and iPhone because it's cool...and they really are. But when he said to me was going to buy the new Xbox, then I start to tell him how integrated is the Surface RT with Xbox...he was amazed...then I start to show some cool stuff on my Surface RT and he said...well...I think I would love to have a Surface RT too.

Another review soon: My oldest brother lives in US and have just arrived for a few weeks in Brazil. He is a business person and is a Apple lover, has a iPad and a Mac notebook since as he uses for multimedia purposes. I will spend some time with him doing a real review. I will write about it soon.

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