Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Solving many problems on Surface RT


Windows 8.1 Preview came to solve some problems BUT, brought some other annoying ones. I've heard that the definitive Windows RT 8.1 version won't solve all of them just by upgrading.

Sync problems on Skydrive, Search Problems, problems synchronizing mail apps, lock screen that doesn't work well and a few other issues.

I had all of them and there are so many posts on official and non-official Microsoft forums and some work and other definitely don't.

After trying many suggested solutions I did something that solved many of my problems: Just deleting and re-creating your user account again (but read ALL the instructions below first before deciding to follow them and it's your responsibility to follow them. It's up to you my friend.

  • Make a BACKUP of your user data (/users/your_user_account)
  • Take note of usernames and passwords you use to login into specific apps (ex: Foursquare, TeamViewer, PhotoShop Express, Box, any other cloud apps, recipe apps (almost all of them need a login)
  • Add a new "Administrator" User (if you already don't have it) going on Control Panel > Settings Charm > PC Settings > Accounts > Other Accounts > Add a user
    • Ps: you can't ADD a user on Control Panel/User Accounts, but you need to go there to check if you already have another Administrator account (it's weird you can't add a user here, but only on PC Settings)
  • LOGOUT completely with your main account using "logout" at right/top account feature on Windows Start Screen and LOGIN with the new administrator account
  • Turn OFF/ON using the power button keeping it pressed
  • DELETE your MAIN ACCOUNT (usually related to your hotmail account or another email), BUT read below first
    • 1- When you are deleting an account Windows ask you if you want to KEEP or DELETE your user data: PLEASE, chose to KEEP all your user data.
    • 2- All the data related to your APPS will be kept if you chose to KEEP, BUT, the apps themselves will be all deleted and will need to be reinstalled but Windows will do it automatically when later on next steps listed here.
    • 3- Wait till all the process have finished. Don't restart it during the process. 
    • 4- Keep it connected to your power outlet all the time
  • Restart it after your account is completely deleted.
  • LOGIN with the new administrator account
  • CREATE your account again (the main account you have deleted) and PAY ATTENTION TO:
    • Use the same email you were using on the deleted user account
    • Windows will ask you if you want to use a old deleted account as the base to your new account. It's SO IMPORTANT that you chose YES and select the account you have deleted as the base for your new account and Windows will use all your OLD DATA and will reinstall automatically all your APPS related to your user account.
    • DON'T turn your Surface off or restart it during these process.
  • LOGOUT from your administrator account
  • LOGIN with your new re-created user account and wait...
    • The user setup process can take hours. Windows will install all apps again, create user info, etc, etc. DON'T turn your Surface off or restart it during these process.
  • Some apps will require new setups/reconfiguration again (as you were running them for the first time), including MAIL apps and Outlook. You will need to create email accounts on Outlook, configure options of MAIL apps and other apps, BUT if you did this right, you won't loose you data and will have them all back.
  • Check if all the apps were installed. Check if all your user files are back.
  • Go to Skydrive Apps and login on it.
  • Now you have to WAIT ! Wait for Skydrive files to be synchonized, wait hours for the re-indexing of all your files and data.
  • You will need to re-add your media files and documents to your libraries.

I really hope all your problems were solved at this point or at least the main ones.

Good Look !

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  1. To deal with different windows, is really very difficult. But this blog made this easy to much extent through sharing this tricks. Thanks s a lot.


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