Monday, November 4, 2013

Outlook 2013 RT - How to synchronize your Contacts, Appointments, Tasks and eMails

Windows 8.1 RT Preview brought Outlook 2013 RT to Surface RT and other Windows RT Tablets.

Many people was asking for Outlook and complaining about mail apps. I confess that afther the huge upgrade on mail apps, I was no missing Outlook that much. The only problem for me was about People apps having just some basic information and could not synchronize all contacts data from your account.

Well, now that Outlook is available, learn hot to synch the data with other devices/Windows notebooks/Windows Phone.

1) On Outlook, go to "Account Settings"

Account Settings

2) Create a NEW account
create new account
 3) Choose to set the account manually

create account manually

 4) Choose Outlook / Exchange account

Outlook / Exchange account

5) Fill the account information with your user name and password and write ""  on server name.

Warning: 1) Some users are complaining about contacts were not full synchronized, stoping after about 300 contacts, but for me it worked fine with 530 contacts
2) Check if the contact and appointment folders are set OK, if you have more than one, it will synchronize only the HOTMAIL account data (
3) Use Send/Receive to make Outlook sync after edit any contact, task or appointment information.

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  1. Interesting blog, thanks for this information.

    What about if you already have an email address set up on Surface RT? Is there away to synchronise the existing email? I have a lot of sent email that I don't want to loose that only appear on my surface but not or


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