Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Access your computer remotely from your Windows RT Tablet

There are a few apps to access your computer remotely from your Windows RT Tablet (you can't do it in opposite way, that is, access your Windows RT Tablet remotely from other computer).

There are basically two kinds of apps to remotely access your computers, considering three different purposes.

  1. Access your computer (desktop, notebook) as a Remote Control - Imagine your computer is connected to your TV or Projector thru a HDMI Cable or even using a RGB cable. Now, instead of buying a wireless keyboard, you can use a application such as PC Remote Windows by PcRemote to control your computer using your Tablet as a big mouse pad or working as a remote control for some multipedia applications like Windows Media Center, VLC Player, Netflix and even Powerpoint with big buttons on your Tablet screen working as remote control buttons.
  2. Fully access your computer (over your local network or over a open wide area network) - This is when you want to fully control and access your remote computer using your Windows RT Tablet. In this category you have PC Remote Windows and TeamViewer
  3. Control and access the cameras of your computer - You can remotely access the cameras and microphone, see what's going on with image and sound, record the images in video, take screenshots - In this category you have iSpy

On all options, you must always install a software on both sides, that is, on the computer you want to control, usually your Desktop or Notebook computer, and your Windows RT Tablet, used to acess your remote computer(s).

PC Remote Windows Apps

With this Apps you can:

Control Remotely your Desktop/Notebook connected to the TV
    Fully access your remote computer desktop ONLY on a home network (the remote access over the internet from anywhere will be available soon, according to the PC Remote development team)
This the home page of your Windows RT Tablet apps
The CAU-PC on the center of the screen is my
remote computer, ready to be fully accessed
You have to install a Desktop version of the application on your remote computer available at http://www.pcremoteserver.com

This is the mouse pad you use to control your computer
connected on a TV, for example.

Your remote computer must be always ON (or sleeping in some cases) and connected to the internet

TeamViewer Apps 

This is a serious and professional tool to access remotely your computer
Here again, you have to install the Windows RT Apps and the Desktop side of the application.

TeamViewer requests a login account, so it will be the bridge between your Windows RT Tablet and your remote computers. Using the web account, Teamviewer gets the real IP from your remote computers for remote access.

For security purposes, you have to creates a "partnership" between your computers, so you can fully access them.

You can't access your Windows PC Tablet remotely, but access any computer from your tablet.

TeamViewer Home page listing your
remote computers on the right side

Accessing my remote notebook computer and
the menu charm on the botton
Once you select (click on) witch computer you want to access (in my case there's only one)

When accessing your remote computer, the small TeamViewer tab you see on right is the remote computer configuration tab, so you shouldn't care about it and changing it won't affect the way your tablet sees the remote computer.

The configuration and features on Teamviewer Apps is available through the menu charm on the botton, so, again, don't care about the small TeamViewer tab on the right side of your screen. Keep it minimized.

minimize the remote computer tab and don't care about it once
it's about settings on your REMOTE computer

minimized tab

 Teamviewer is precise, highly safe (it uses 256 bits cryptography) and stable.


  1. You can easily control and access your computer as long as you wish by using Windows built-in Remote Assistance application.

    Remote Computer Access

    1. Julia, are you saying that none of the article is necessary? Are you saying that Windows RT has a built-in Remote Assistance application? Please clarify. Thanks

  2. J.Gibbons here - my email for response.

  3. Hey this is a really good post and it might be useful to me as well I am sure that others will benefit from this also so thank you for posting about this

  4. You can remotely access your computer from Windows RT tablet using tools like on premise R-HUB remote support servers, logmein etc. They work well.


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