Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Password Manager APPS for Windows RT (paid)

If you are like me, you probably have hundreds of website subscriptions, email accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, ecommerce store registers, ATM passwords, email passwords and so many other online and offline services that needs passwords and other document information.

I don't have more than 6 to 10 different passwords, but to remember what password is related to what web site, store, etc, etc and docs #, PIN and other usual online/offline register is almost impossible

After testing some apps, I found eWallet from Ilium Software Inc is the best one. Below is some reasons I choose eWallet.

  • The UI interface is cool, very well designed and easy to use.
  • You can save your wallet on Skydrive and keep it synchronized using the same wallet on up to 5 devices/computers.
  • eWallet has a 256-Bit Data Encryption, what makes it impossible to have its password broken
  • You can set it to automatically get out of the data screen and go to password screen after "N" seconds without activity
  • For each record (card) you can change fields' name.
  • You can create your own card categories
  • eWallet uses a template depending of what "type of card" you chose.
  • You can manage several wallets
  • Ilium is a known by its serious and good quality apps


  • Use a at least 8 digit password when creating your wallet and don't forget to use letters, numbers and one symbol character.
  • Before creating your first card, plan and add your categories. (Ex: Finances, Forums, Personal Docs, Shopping, eMail accounts, Software Serial #, etc, etc) 

some added cards of my wallet and respective categories
some added cards of my wallet and respective categories

US$ 9.99


  1. Unfortunately, my existing PC Password Manager does not work on my new Surface RT. It is Norton Identity Safe & is excellent.

    Basically I want to store all my passwords safely & then to populate any log in with user name & password automatically via a single universal password.

    I don't care about saving in categories - because automatic population means that one doesn't have to know the individual user names & passwords.

    Whilst Norton Identity safe is free, I am happy to pay for a system that will do what I want it to on the Surface RT!

    Does e wallet fulfil my needs?

  2. The usage of best password manager is necessary in every small or big organization as it protects more number of passwords under a single password.

  3. Best practices include not using common words, not using words associated with my bio (DOB, pet’s name, mother’s maiden name) especially stuff that can be found out per social media. Using nonsense passwords, disguise my content, and changing them frequently. The only way I can do this right is by using a password manager; otherwise I’d spend half my life trying to think up new passwords and having to reset them constantly. I use PasswordWrench to help me manage them.

  4. If you are keeping the most important words or figures as your password you don't need to keep the words in your data sheet to keep them with you.. i have one password that is working with me since last 8 years.

    1. That's a good point for some people, but these password apps aren't just for a single password storage, it is used to store any sensitive information you may need like credit card info, bank account, login info of hundreds of websites you may use (I have more than 30 online stores, 12 IT forum, dozens of service providers logins. Many of them require a username and sometimes the one you are used to use, was already taken. The password creation policies are different for many sites, like size, number, capital letter, special characters, etc. Some other don't allow special characters. Well, I also have different passwords for non sensitive information logins and for those I need a safer password.


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