Friday, October 18, 2013

Bing News: The Incredible News Applications (including considerations about Bento News)

When you think on keeping updated with world news, including subjects of personal interested, you must think on Microsoft Bing News, a MS official news application for Windows RT.

OK, I know some of you may be thinking on Bento Apps, a competitor news application you can compare to Bing News. I will also write some considerations about it.

Bing News, in my opinion, is the best of all if you want personalized news and articles.

There you can choose news sources, press agencies, add Feed URLs and some other cool personalization as you can also do using Bento News, but...

Why Bing News is the Best

The most extraordinary feature is the "Topics" feature where you can write down some keywords and keep a news section dedicated exclusively to a very specific subject.

I'm not talking just about subjects like "Soccer, Blues Music, Tablets and Phones, Comedy TV Show, etc" and other general subjects, but being specific like: "Barcelona Soccer Team, Jonny Lang, Friends TV Show, Surface RT".

Think about your preferred movie actor, or musician, soccer player, UFC fighter and any other specific topic. Right after you create a topic, Bing gathers all last news about it and put them all as a news section.

Check the topics I've created in the images below:

Bing News with the Menu showing the TOPICS I've created
News on my topic "Windows RT"

News on my topic "Dream Theater" 


All your topics and other customizations is automatically synchronized with your desktop/notebook or Windows Phone device(s). Just access Bing news on your Windows Phone (per example) and they will be there.
I access and read Bing News many times a day. I always find fresh news and articles on the topics I've created.

And about Bento News ??

Well, I used it also, just a few times a week, to read specific publications like "Harvard Business Review", "Gizmodo" and some more.

Bug: I found an error on Feed URL configuration on Bento Apps. I've added a feed about my company blog and it brings only the first two posts of my blog. Can't wonder why.

I've tried the same feed ur on Bing News and "bingo"...all my posts where there. My only complaint is that it doesn't show my posts images when I browse to my blog's section on Bing.

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