Saturday, October 12, 2013

Outlook is comming to Windows RT ! Who actually needs it ?

There's a bunch of news and articles about the soon release of Outlook for Windows RT.

Windows RT has a group of apps to work with email, appointments and contacts (including social a messaging system). In the beginning, the Mail application was so limited that it causes a huge rejection and many started asking for Outlook.

Despite the ability to manage multiple email accounts (using imap), Mail Apps missed many important features like select and manage multiple messages (delete, move, etc).

Many Improvements: A few months later, a new releases of Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging was released and I confess email got a huge improvement. It can't still manage tasks.

I still want Outlook RT, but I confess I could live without it once all my contacts, emails and appointments are synchronized between my Surface RT, Windows 8 Notebook, my Windows Mobile 6.5 Phone (yes...I can synch also using my old Windows Mobile Phone) and my account.

Everything is perfectly synched. I still want Outlook to use with POP email configuration (and not only imap) and also manage my tasks and the integrated environment offered by Outlook.

The live tiles are also a huge help to keep your eyes on new emails, appointments and messages in at a glance in addition to the real time notifications on the top left of your tablet.

I use my Surface RT Tablet primarily for business purposes, and then, for entertainment.

Do you want to know more about Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps ? Let me know.


  1. Why not use Skycap Mail? It does both POP3 and IMAP for an unlimited number of accounts.

    1. Yes Jamila, Skycap is a good alternative, but on Outlook, besides emailing, you can manage Appointments, Contacts (with full detailed info), Tasks and notes. Thanks for your comment and take care !

  2. very nice review on surface RT and windows RT! my friend needed something like this for her research work and this is something that i can send to my friends. thanks for posting.


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