Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Surface RT vs Surface PRO and the conventional Windows 8 issue.

There's hundreds of articles and reviews talking about the confusion regarding to the Windows RT and regular Windows 8 version. They talk about MS failure, great mistake and other negative considerations, so here is mine consideration in a few very objective statements:

No Legacy Windows Application is not a big issue: There's no way a Tablet to really replace a notebook, maybe for the very light PC user (internet browsing/Office). Surface can't run legacy windows applications, but only applications built for the Windows 8 UI / Metro Interface. I believe for most people who wants a tablet, it is not a big issue, even for me, a heavy user who uses the Surface RT for business. iPad can't run also all the Mac applications and nobody complain about it.

There's many applications for serious use on Windows Store: Ok....iPad is fun and there's much more entertaining cool applications comparing to Surface RT, but if you want applications for personal and work daily management including education, travel, business, shopping, etc, etc...there's a bunch of fantastic apps on Windows Store. You won't feel the lack of any really important application. Take a look on my postabout the applications I use on a daily basis.

The FANTASTIC integration with your Windows 8 PC: Well, I will dedicate a fully post about this issue. I love the way my Surface RT and my Windows 8 PC synchs configuration and data. Here is my post about it

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