Thursday, October 10, 2013

Detailed and deep Surface RT Review

After 5 months using Surface RT for serious tasks on a average of 8 hours a day, here are all my impressions, pros & cons, weakness and strenghens and all sort of important information for those who want a deep and real analysis on Microsofr Surface RT.

Below are some important information, assumptions and my personal profile to consider when reading all my posts.

  1. I'm a heavy user computer with deep experience on Windows PCs
  2. I have an Android Phone, a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 notebook and had a Android Tablet long time ago.
  3. I'm a business person who uses Surface RT for both work and personal stuff, but my priority is use tablet for busines.
  4. I'm NOT Microsoft devotee nor rate Apple. I just want to think and evaluate rationally when choosing a computer or any other tech gadget
  5. My Surface RT configuration is a 32GB, with a touch cover and a 32GB MicroSD Card
  6. My native language is NOT English, but Portuguese, so, sorry about eventual miswritings and mispellings.

Check my daily use in the post: Does anybody wants a REAL Surface Rt Review ?


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