Saturday, October 12, 2013

My typical Surface RT serious use, most for work purposes

I  use my Windows RT tablet for business, 8 to 9 hours a day on average and my main use and applications are:

1.     OneNote serious use for my hundreds of work and personal  notes
2.     Project Management & To Do lists
3.     Multimedia Content Management (multimedia Journal/notes),
4.     PowerPoint
5.     Skype
6.     Lots of PDF reading with annotations (ebooks, white papers, articles, manuals, etc)
7.     MindMapping
8.     Travel planning and management
9.     Shopping list (my wife loves that)
10. English to Portuguese and English to English great dictionaries used side by side with other applications (pdf reader, news reader, Internet Explorer, etc)
11. Recipe, Gastronomy and Wine Review applications
12. Watch movies, videos and photos on my TV using HDMI connection, Multimedia Remote Control 
13. Cloud storage and sync (Skydrive)
14. eMail and internet browsing
15. Bible reading with annotations and text highlighting
16. eBay Shopping
17. Mapping and tracking software
18. Application and sometimes a wireless keyboard (one for using with Google TV)
19. Text editing with Office/Word and just a very eventual Excel use
20. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Social applications
21. News reading with customized subject sections
22. A few games (Pinball FX and Car Racing)

Ps: Please, feel free to ask me about any of them specifically.


  1. Hi!
    Nice to see someone who uses their Surface as much as I.
    Just a quick question, what is the program you use for project management?

    1. Hi Cristofer ! The one I use is more than a advanced task manager or a simple project manager. it's Task Manager Professional Apps. There are many other good apps. I remember I found a good project manager apps some time ago (can't remember which one) but confess it would be much work to migrate my data to a different apps and I gave up.

    2. Hi!
      Thanks for the tip. I have tried to reply but it doesnt seem to have been published....
      Great, ill have a look :) Keep up the good work, a nice blog with lots of great stuff to read :)

  2. Hi

    Been thinking of purchasing Surface RT for heavy word processing using the MS Word. Is there any lag when editing 30 or 60 pages of Word document? Is the Track Changes functions as normal Microsoft Office Suite?

    1. Hey Mobile Blogger, sorry for so long time to answer your questions, but the answer is: NO PROBLEM. You can work with huge files with no problems at all and the "Track Changes" work well and you will be able to comment, aprove, reject on both sides (tablet and PC)

  3. HI! I use a lot of PPT presentations in my classroom and they all have video and animations. Will they fully run in Surface RT office? Is it fully compatible with a .ppt made in my home PC?


    1. Hi Inesf !! I have some complex powerpoint (pptx) for my business too and they work perfect. About videos, I've tried with WMV files and it works great, but had problems with .MOV files. The video window (.MOV) shows the progression bar as the video was been playing, but actualy the image remained static. So, WMV works well and I've not tested with other video formar.

  4. Have you used the remote desktop app? In a work environment I use that quite a bit while wandering around our site and need to access various systems.


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