Friday, October 25, 2013

Windows RT and Windows 8 effective synchonization and integration


One of the main concerns when I buy a mobile phone or tablet is about synchronization with my other computers. 
What kind of information we can share and synchronize, and how ?  I confess I was not aware of what I would get on this matters when I bought my Surface RT. Everything was a 'incognito" and there's still a problem for me, I had not moved to Windows 8 on my notebook. It was a new notebook, but because I had hundreds of applications on my Windows 7 old notebook, I was worried about this move.

Well, to make it short, I moved to Windows 8 because of my Windows RT. I was excited about to explore their integration.

Right after I've installed Windows 8 on my new notebook, It was a so great surprise to see how things got so synchronized. Below I will comment some of my experiences about the integration on my Surface RT versus my Windows 8 notebook.

OS Level Sync Configuration: Besides the sync of several apps, Windows 8 allows you to configure them to sync with other Windows 8/RT devices in many dimensions, including all the dimensions listed on the image below:

So, when you change desktop themes, images, colors, passwords on websites, networks and dozens of other configurations in the main device, everything is synchronized with other devices.

But this is just the beggining, many other metro apps have their configuration synchronized too. All your personal news configuration on Bing News, Bento News and other news apps, are all synchronized. For example: on Bing News or Bento News, you can create news sections from specific news sources, on Bing News you can also create "Topics Sections" where Bing get together all news from many sources with specified keywords you define. All these configuration data are automatically synchonized.

Mail, Calendar, People and many other apps are also synchonized. 

Besides that, Skydrive, the Microsoft cloud system with more than 200 millions of users, is used to store data from many apps, so, all the data is also kept updated with it.

Example: I use eWallet from IliumSoft, the best password manager for Windows RT. On eWallet Apps I  manage more than 200 sites passwords, credit cards, computer password and all kind of passwords I use on my day-by-day. All the data is always kept updated on all my devices.

You can choose to keep many other files (documents, music, photos, etc) synchonized using Skydrive. 

All these features make you feel as you are using the same computer when working with many of your apps on your Windows 8 or Windows RT device.

OneNote is another application that keeps all your data synchronized on all of your devices. And it's note and content sensitive, in other words, if you have OneNote opened simultaneously on your Windows RT Tablet and Windows 8 notebook, if you change a single word on a note on one device and another word on the other device, both contents are synchronized on both sides.

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