Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bing Translator: A powerful and cool Windows 8 application.

Bing Translator is definitely a awesome apps anyone will love.

There are dozens of translator apps for Windows RT. Some of them were made to run side by side with another application on a multi-task environment.

Realtime Camera Translation

The really cool thing about Bing Translator is its feature using the Tablet or computer camera. Choose the source and destination languages and point the camera to the text you have in your hand and Voila !! The text translation appears immediately overlapping the text image.

Now, imagine the possibilities: You will be able to translate traffic signs, newspapers headlines, street signs, billboards, etc, etc.

On a daily good light condition even the text of a book can be translated/

For this article, I took the first thing I had near to me and pointed to my computer camera and the result is below.

Paper Rule from an Englih School
As you can see, the sentence on the 2nd line could not be translated because it was two small and now is 1am in my home office and the light is not that good.

My mom got crazy when I show Bing Translator to her.

You are also able to save the picture with the overlapped text translation.

So, for me, a 5 star apps.

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  1. Now Bing Translator has been gone too old. Now, if you research and review online then you would know that there are much better translator applications out there for windows 8.


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