Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Surface RT Harware and Handling Review (my forearm hurts)

I won't be listing Surface RT detailed specifications; you can find them here, at MS web site.

Below are a very summary hardware review once it's not different from almost all I've seen around.

Hardware Quality: It is a fantastic and impressive peace of hardware and have no scratch on its glass regardless of my intense daily use.

Size: Therefore the 10.8" size result on great graphic view for most common applications (specially movie watching) with its 16:9 ratio aspect, it could be a little smaller to fit better in the hands, but it is not a serious issue for those who want a 10" or larger tablet.

Weight: The Surface RT weighs 1.5 pounds and therefore it weights the same of a iPad 3 (1.44 pounds), it can cause pain and even serious injuries if you are a heavy user like me.

Since I've bought my Surface RT, I use it 8 to 9 hours a day on average and got a forearm inflammation that don't want to go away. I can few a light pain every time I use my tablet, but I know it is not Surface RT's fault, but mine.

Any other 9" to 11" tablet will cause the same problem. I remember I used a 7" Android tablet for a long time and had no problem.

Cameras: Well, the cameras are poor. The front camera, used to chat, skype, etc, is good as a chatting video camera and I don't complaint, but the back camera, usually used to take pics and event video purposes is weak, poor and takes very poor pics at night. I've have read that tablet cameras are not used for photos like the mobile phones are and I agree, but sometimes we really want to take good pictures for noting purposes.

Touch Keyboard: It's cool, looks great when attached to the Surface RT, but for my little and "notebook size keyboard" addicted hands, I feel better typing in the software touch keyboard, but the touch cover works well and it is very sensitive. The magnet keyboard connection (and also the magnet power adapter connection) is a fantastic and cool idea.

Where's my 3G/4G ? I really miss a 3G interface. I need it. Despite many users try to convince me that I don't need a 3G, I really do. Why ?  Here are some very real reasons: 

  • My phone can tether, but it creates a "ad hoc" wireless type network and Surface RT CAN'T see "ad hoc" network, so...I can't connect tethering. Many other phones work different and can be used for tethering purposes
  • Even if I could tether, I don't want to drain my phone's battery and many times I need to talk while I work on my tablet.
  • I visit costumers in a daily basis and use my Surface RT on meetings and companies usually don't like to give their wireless password away. Corporate network are usually for their private use only.
  • Many times I desperately need to use the tablet in my car to send emails, proposals, etc
  • I still can't understand why MS didn't make Surface RT compatible with most 3G/4G dongles available on the market

NO GPS: I also miss a GPS. I use a device tracking software that works great giving my tablet geo-position anytime on the internet, but it uses the cell phone towers localization method, so it's not accurate as GPS Satellites are. If my Surface RT gets stolen, I won't be able to know where it is with accuracy, but with up to 300 feet of error margin. I would love to also to have a GPS to use with mapping applications

Overall hardware considerations: In general, Surface RT is great. Microsoft did a great job with it's hardware quality, but I really miss a 3G and GPS features.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the review i believe such reviews are really very helpful to make a decision before making a purchase. i would do think about the this product


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